The GG NANI Story.

We are more than just a Luxury Athleisure Clothing Brand GG NANI is a Break Free Lifestyle with a sincere commitment to creating Premium products -from Apparel, Fashion Accessories, to Shoes and more focused on rebuilding the American Dream within our visions as the Next Gen Entrepreneurs of America. Wake up and taste freedom, break free from that 9-5 mindset. We're here to grow a lifelong vision together and within that process help inspire your American Dream!

Our story makes us unique.

Founded in 2018, GG NANI has provided Premium Quality Made Apparel and products consistent on our goal to make affordable Luxury Clothing for you! We focus on Inspiring the next Gen to bring back the American Foundations and Empower our GG NANI Family to Rise up and protect the honorable value of the U.S. We are not just a brand We are a Family making our mark in our world! Dream Big.

Our Mission

Designed by Gjovani Gorvokaj, a son of an Immigrant from Montenegro (a country in Europe) who's dream will create hope within the American Immigrant Lifestyle community showing that it is possible to come to the U.S. and obtain the American Dream that many Immigrants strive for. GG NANI will also be creating American Jobs in the near future to provide the Authenticity of American made products soon so we can prosper as a nation to build up our foundations of the American Dream and Inspire others to create their American Dream! Our goal in 5 years is to have everything we make Made in America.

Meaning Behind GG NANI

"When you look at the Logo there is a backwards G and a regular G which in all reality do not look like G’s but it was designed that way to show that In our lives there is a point where we are moving backwards, But now it is time to move forward, and NANI Stands for, But No matter what obstacle stands in our way we will always find our way to the top. GG NANI ~Luxurious Athleisure ~Limitless Opportunity Welcome to the GG NANI Family we appreciate you all and strive to rejuvenate the American Dream within each person again. Thank you so Much! This was the Original GG NANI Logo and will still be apart of the company but we decided to create a new one.

~Gjovani Gorvokaj Founder of GG NANI


We at GG NANI started with a new lifestyle, vision, and movement for Luxury Athleisure Products and more that are affordable for the every day person!

What we did

We took the time to engage with potential customers and receive feedback about what out goals and missions were and we decided to create this brand for our Future of America!


GG NANI is looking towards the future in living in a world where being an entrepreneur is the norm. What can we do to ensure it?

Our Founder

Gjovani Gorvokaj


"Life is short don't waste time thinking just put your thoughts on paper and move forward."

~Gjovani Gorvokaj

Personal Story

Gjovani Gorvokaj's story goes back to his father. His father Viktor Gorvokaj came to the U.S. during the war that was going on in Yugoslavia at that time. Viktor wanted to better his life for himself and give his future family a better chance than he had growing up especially with the education America provided. The main reason he came to the United States was because of the American Dream that was proclaimed by everyone outside the U.S. Viktor wanted to make it in this big world of lost hope to provide the American Dream for his future family and is just what he did. Long story short it wasn't an easy journey but it is a journey that can be completed by anyone that is an immigrant or anyone who wants to aim for the American Dream of coming to the U.S. and prospering.


If you have any Questions about GG NANI please do not hesitate to contact us!